Guyana Autism Awareness & Intervention

Published on: 5/7/19, 8:58 PM

iLoveYouDaddy Fund: Better Father=Better World

Published on: 5/6/19, 9:07 PM

Hello My name is Maricruz Martínez a mother of three beautiful girls. One of my daughters was brought into the world with a rare uncommon disability. Coffin Lowry which ranges from severe to mild cases, mild being being able to function physically at times and learning delays that come with speech delay among other diagnoses. Sever being not able to walk and barely function mentally on their own.

Published on: 5/2/19, 6:26 PM

Augmios bracelets are a new kind of luxury jewelries for proud and classy men. Made with the best materials: natural stones, 18k gold plating, 925 silver plating and tripled Japanese wires, they won’t break and will give you the additional touch of fashion you needed to perfect your style.

Published on: 4/7/19, 6:32 PM

Hi , my name is michael Sparkes i am an amateur musician, i write songs and i am a drummer . I need help to turn my songs into music video's.

Published on: 4/3/19, 2:47 PM

Hope’s Haven helps shelter dogs (and puppies) stay warm, sleep comfortably, and have fun by providing hand-made blankets to local shelters/humane societies in the Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) area.

Published on: 4/3/19, 5:27 AM

We are C60. We're thrilled to introduce to you this elegant, smooth spinning stress reliever, disguised as a beautiful metallic signature pen

Published on: 3/14/19, 8:55 AM

At a time when most of the world's population (introverts and extroverts alike) find it more difficult to beat the hurdle of starting conversations, Plat users are finding it even easier.

Published on: 2/28/19, 1:34 AM

Innovative Film and Game Platform - The launch of SILVRCOIN ICO start of the private sales.

Published on: 2/22/19, 1:15 PM

We are about to complete the most revolutionary job application that will help lot of people and companies in the world. This app is built with a major feature never used before. Please help us to make it come to reality. Thanks a lot for your contribution. 


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Published on: 2/21/19, 8:32 AM