SILVRCOIN Token - ICO Launches Private Sales

SILVR360 is a cutting-edge, high-technology platform built on Ethereum blockchain with a focus on film and gaming production and virtual world distribution. Our mission is to provide high-tech entertainment service to millions of users, who can travel through the virtual world by computers or other devices to experience amazing visual effects in 2D, 3D, 4D or 360 degree. Our aim is to attract a larger volume of audiences and recruit or build rapport with a wide range of artists in the media industry globally. Silvrcoin is produced by the real utility, in the future users can use Silvrcoin to purchase the subscription and artists can earn the Silvrcoin if they are involved in each project. 

We are looking for you to publish and share crowdfunding campaign infront of 36 millions audience as your advertised. 
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Published on: 2/22/19, 1:15 PM