Platonic App - Do what you want, with who you want

At a time when most of the world's population (introverts and extroverts alike) find it more difficult to beat the hurdle of starting conversations, Plat users are finding it even easier.

Platonic is a free geo-location based meet-up app that is here to help connect you with friends. Unlike the traditional dating sites designed to, at best, hook you up with a sexual partner, and at worst, set you up for a classical mismatch, Platonic lifts you out of the virtual social life and into the real life. 

The mission of Plat is to help you connect face-to-face with new friends by making it faster, easier, and more reliable to meet new people than ever before. 

With Plat, you’ll never have trouble finding a “partner in crime” when doing just about anything. Do you need a hiking partner or someone to go camping with? With Plat, you’re doing just fine.

Once Plat has connected you with other people with shared interest, you can leave the cell phones behind and start having fun!

How it works

Connecting with people has never been this quick and simple. Start by signing in with either LinkedIn, Facebook or your e-mail. 

Secondly, tell Plat whether you want to be ‘Active’ or ‘Social’. Our Active section offers four “bins”, each dedicated to a specific category: “Team Sports”, “Outdoor Activities”, “Workouts”, and “Crafts and Hobbies”. (You can always switch back and forth between Active and Social)

If none of those categories match your current interest, our Social section suggests bins for “Nightlife”, “Food and Drink”, “Conversation”, and “Sightseeing”.

Once you pick a bin, you will be prompted to create a personal profile stating what you are looking for. Your headline, a 15 character description of what you want to do, will remain active for 6 hours. During this time, you will be visible to others in the same bin. You can also view the headlines of other Plat users in your chosen bin arranged – based on proximity- in a scrollable queue.

So it’s that simple; choose between Active and Social, make a bin selection, create a profile, input a headline, and get connected.

For example, if I intend to visit the Platinum factory at sunset, I could log into my Platonic app during my lunch break, enter the social domain where I select the “sightseeing” bin. I’m prompted for my headline. I enter “Platinum Factory” and continue. My profile is now active. I can see people active in that bin from closest to furthest in the scrollable queue. I can also see what headlines they are suggesting or are interested in doing.


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Published on: 2/28/19, 1:34 AM