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Hi , my name is michael Sparkes i am an amateur musician, i write songs and i am a drummer . I need help to turn my songs into music video's.

Music holds a special place in my life. It has seen me through some of the darkest parts of my life, and marked some of the happiest ones as well. Beyond just being special to me, word is that with every video i put up on my YouTube channel , can transform lives in one way or another. I'm an amateur but i believe in making the greatest out of what i have, to keep on creating good music and quality video's to keep you entertained, inspired and synched up for your life. I need your kind support,  so by " buying me a coffee " donating to my fund you can help me spread my music wings and soar.  Every ' coffee' is a step closer to achieving my dreams and producing some great music video's of my songs....

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Published on: 4/3/19, 2:47 PM