Augmios: Luxury Bracelets for Modern Men

Augmios bracelets are a new kind of luxury jewelries for proud and classy men. Made with the best materials: natural stones, 18k gold plating, 925 silver plating and tripled Japanese wires, they won’t break and will give you the additional touch of fashion you needed to perfect your style.

Natural Stones

Augmios bracelets are exclusively made with the best 100% natural stones available. Tested for their resistance, they can sustain strong shocks and won’t break. Since the stones are natural, there is a nice, a bit heavy feeling which demonstrate Augmios premium nature.

Natural OnyxJasperVolcanic Stones and Chinese Red Stones are used for our bracelets. 

Color Choice: Real Gold and Silver

Each bracelet is built around one animal (leopard, wolf or monkey king) with two spacers, one Augmios bead and natural stones. 

Depending on the color, the animal heads, spacers, and Augmios beads are real Gold plated, real Rose Gold plated or Real Silver plated. Only the black color is not made of gold or silver but of black electroplated steel

Each colors have been duly tested to resist shocks, time, and water. It won’t rust and will always look great. 

Animal Heads

Proudly sited in the center of our bracelets, there are three choices of animal heads. Each has its own meaning and personality so to match with your own and inspire you. 

Real Cubic Zirconia

Did you see the crystals eyes of the animals ? Or the crystals on the spacers and on the leopard ? Well they are all made of real cubic zirconia, the best available choice to replace diamonds. Quality comes first.

High Quality Japanese wires

Wires are one if not the most important part of bead jewelries. We spent weeks testing different kind of wires making sure that the one we will choose will be the best available. Cost was not a factor. Only quality. You won’t find a better type of wire that the one we use for our bracelets. 

We settled on extremely premium black Japanese wires. Each wire is made of thousand of highly resistant smaller wires. Each bracelets has 3 wires (yes, 3 wires themselves made of thousand of wires). Needless to say, your Augmios bracelet will last for years. 

Waterproof & Shocks resistant

Our bracelets were designed so that every part is waterproof and shocks resistant. Wires, animals, stones, spacers, Augmios bead: everything is waterproof and shocks resistant. You can live with your bracelet, be inspired by it and inspire others at every moments of your life: it simply won’t break. 

Box & Bag & Additional

A premium Augmios box with its golden logo and Augmios velvet bag are included for each bracelet purchased. Additional beads and wires are also included for each bracelet. (We don’t think you will need them but we will give them to you anyway). 

30 days free return & Warranty

We are sure that you will love your bracelet. But in the case you don’t you can freely return your bracelet within 30 days of the date of reception. 

You also benefit of one year warranty for each bracelet, we strongly believe you won’t need it but, the plating wear off ? wires break and you don’t want to use your additional wires ? a stone is broken ? Just return it to us, we will freely fix it for you.

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Published on: 4/7/19, 6:32 PM