Sensory Gym for children with disabilities

Hello! My name is Maricruz Martínez and I am the mother of three beautiful girls. One of my daughters was born with a rare disability called Coffin Lawry. Coffin Lawry can affect a person’s physical ability to function as well as present with learning delays, speech delays, and other issues. Like may disabilities, people with Coffin Lawry present on a spectrum ranging from very moderate to extremely severe. IN addition, children born with Coffin Lawry may appear sickly and receive numerous diagnoses prior to receiving the all-inclusive diagnosis of Coffin Lawry.
Alyssa was finally diagnosed two years ago. Prior to her diagnosis, we spent much of our time going from doctor to doctor, attempting to figure out what was wrong with our baby girl. Every single doctor had a different diagnosis, and while their treatment may have helped a particular symptom, it did not encompass all that was happening to Alyssa and her body. Finally, God lead us in the right direction, helping us get the proper diagnosis and begin treatment to allow Alyssa to continue life and move forward.
Alyssa, like so many children with disabilities, has a special charm, or charisma, a soul that is pure, and a sense of happiness that is so beautifully carried. Special needs children are exactly that, special. They teach us so much about life, beauty, and freedom. 


Unfortunately, many of our town’s population of our town’s families are forced to move away from our home so they can be closer to the resources are special needs children truly need and deserve. Our little border town of Eagle Pass, Texas is beautiful, but it is small and not ready to accommodate the growth of the special needs population. I just know I need to do something!
This is the plan. I know we need a facility that allows children with special needs to thrive, offering free play, therapies, and a place these families can go to get the help they need. Woo, welcome to our Sensory Gym. This is a place that provides a nurturing and a fun environment to foster learning and exploration along with sensory safe experiences. The gym will provide social skill groups and activities for children across the spectrum. All the Equipment provided will be accessible for occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, and a main target towards are children with autism. The equipment is manufactured for the developmental needs of children with sensory processing disorders in mind. Without the proper facility and assistance in a proper and comfortable area, children will have a very difficult time growing and improving their skills.
The city of Eagle Pass has slowly incorporated activities and sports that finally make these children feel a part of something amazing. My daughter’s disability has opened my world to the beauty of these special children while realizing the great need that our city has. Please help make this possible. Our kids deserve this!
We are asking for your help. If you can donate, you will help us get closer to our goal. Then, please share our campaign with your circle of influence. The more people aware of this campaign, the closer we will come to reaching our goal.
Also, as a token of our appreciation, everyone who donates any amount of money will have their name added to our donor plaque.

Thank you! 


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Published on: 5/2/19, 6:26 PM